is the website of the Gaio family in Canada. It is maintained by Alex Gaio.

Like most people, you probably are second guessing the pronunciation of the name 'Gaio'. Don't worry, you're not alone and it's surprisingly simple. What you need to do is put on your best Italian accent and focus on the inflection of the relationship of the vowels. The hard consonant at the beginning of the name sets the tone for the soft 'A' followed by the hard 'I' and 'O'. Take a moment to put it together, and once you're ready, pretend like you're the Nintendo character Mario and say it out loud. If you're having difficulty, try opening up a Google Translate tab and translating 'Gaio' from Enlgish to Italian and playing it back with the listen button.

Or, you could just pronounce it like the insurance company 'GEICO' without the 'C'. Your call.